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As the 21st century gets well and truly started, some amazing discoveries are being made about diet, fitness and weight loss.

If you thought it was ALL about calories-in minus calories-out you are way behind the times.

It’s true that programs like Weightwatchers, which are based on this principle, can be very successful. But there are many, many people for whom Weightwatchers doesn’t work. Not because they are cheating, but because as we get older, the most stubborn fat is not caused by calories alone but also by the hormonal effects of sugary foods and drinks. Fat created by sugar mostly targets the belly.

Belly Fat

There are a lot of ads around for getting rid of belly fat. Most belly fat isn’t on the outside of the body, it’s on the inside, and the more of it you have the hungrier you get.

If you’ve got a belly fat problem, don’t try to rely on diet and supplements alone. The quickest way to get rid of belly fat is exercise. Exercise DVDs can often help you find a routine you enjoy, or maybe try out some Pilates – it’s all about developing tummy strength to tone up that part of the body.

If you’re really serious about getting rid of flab, strength-building exercises are the fast track, so maybe consider getting some home gym equipment.

Sit-Ups Not Working?

Sit-ups are great if you’re already flat and want a ‘six-pack’, but they have been proved to be not much use against CBB (common belly-bulge). If you want to get flat the easy way, try reading a book called Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets.

Water Retention

Water retention is a major cause of overweight. It cools down the metabolism and stops you losing fat. Water retained in your body tissues also weighs more than fat and can add many pounds to the scales.

A sure sign of water retention is if you have been on a low-carb diet, lost a lot of weight within just a week or two, and spent a lot of that time urinating. Here’s why: some of the foods you are not allowed to eat on a low-carb diet are prone to causing water retention, so by avoiding those foods you release retained water. If all the weight comes back within 2-3 days as soon as you start eating some carbs again, you can be sure the weight was water, not fat.

You can test yourself to find out which carbs (or other foods) make you retain water, using the instructions in a book called the Waterfall Diet. Click here for more information.

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